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Superworld App






Los Angeles CA


Katherine Chung, Jennifer Godwin

Utilizing existing research, I was tasked with finalizing the design of the application onboarding screens and creating the user flow and design for the in App AR experience.

The Problem Space

SuperWorld is a social networking platform that enables users to share content, connect, and build a community in augmented reality with people around the world.

Users can purchase real estate in the virtual world using the Superworld website.

The Superworld Application allows digital artists to create works within this virtual world which are navigable and sharable by app users.

How might we gamify the Superworld AR experience and incentivize digital creators to contribute to the virtual world ?

The Process


  • First, I consulted with my UX team to see the current sitemap and learn which sof the application screens had been finalized. I was also able to ask questions about research which had been done prior to developing the existing designation. I reveiwed these designs as well as the style guide.

  • Next, I gathered usage and engagement data from the current experience. Based on App store reveiws, users didnt understand exacty why. they would use this application, andhow to use it ince this had been determined. Additionally, I learned from digital artists why they did enjoy the application, and what their hope was in terms of future features which would connect the two user types, creators and social users.

  • Then ,I consulted applications which utilized AR and geocache features,Pokemon Go, Plant Snap, to undedrstand best practices and user expectations in this space. and Leo AR

site map, previous superworld app version

(above) Sitemap showing the previous version of the Superworld application.


Using this information, I began to understand the needs of our users. I categorized three user types and defined their needs.

  • Superworld Web User. This primarily interacts with the Superworld website. These users own real estate in the virtual space, and have buying power with Cryptocurrency

  • Social User. This user has found their way to superworld through the application. They are interested in keeping up with friends, having new experiences, and taking photographs to share to other platforms.

  • Digital Artist User. This user is seeking new platforms to display their art. They are looking for exposure and hope to monetize their creations.

Image by Afif Kusuma

Lacie Wagner

Social Media All Star

  • Oakland CA

  • Podcast Host

  • Wants to be engaged with their friends, family and following

  • Sees many current platforms as boring + repetitive

  • Oakland CA

  • Podcast Host

  • Wants to be engaged with their friends, family and following

  • Sees many current platforms as boring + repetitive

Image by Fakurian Design

Edward Martinez

NFT Artist

  • Atlanta, Georgia

  • Sculptor who is using new technology to collaborate with other artists and increase visibility

  • Wants a trustworthy place to sell their NFTs

Image by Jayson Hinrichsen

Robin Lassila

Crypto Innovator

  • Queens, NYC

  • avid consumer of new technologies and media

  • Financially Savvy , looking for new ways to invest cryptocurrency

  • Wants proven results and a good ROI


With these users in mind I could better understand how the design could facilitate their needs and generate satisfaction withthe time they spend using the Superworld Application. Moving forward, I learned from my team that the AR screens must accomplish at least the following.

  • User chooses a pin on the map linked to creator AR art

  • Real AR camera view is opened

  • UI directs the user through real space to the chosen post

  • User locates the creator AR art via Real AR navigation

To peak the interest and meet the needs of Robin, Lacie, and Edward I also incorporated the following

  • Ability to share an image of the location with the creator AR art to feed and other social channels

  • Safety Notifications

  • Feedback for locating the creator art

  • Ability to toggle between list and map directions

  • Locations of other plots and creator art is visible upon arrival

Untitled design.png
Untitled design(1).png
Untitled design(2).png


As a team, we wanted to gamify this feature so users are able to choose a post, obtain directions, and actually walk to the post itself. Along the way, users can see other AR creations (if created in same vicinity) by moving their camera around in real space.

Further enhancements to this design could include badges, rewards, and tracking with a longer timeline

Additionally, during my time with Superworld we saw an increase in the public interest in digital creators and Non Fungible Tokens. This spoke directly to the needs of our user group represented by Edward Martinez. Some basic feature additions for Social Users to obtain CryptoArt and maintain a wallet of creators work were implemented to accomodate this.

Superworld_Group 760.png
Superworld_Group 761.png

Users are able to view the creator, current owner, and artist statement. Trading history of the artwork is available for the buyers research as well as the price conversion from ETH to Dollars. They will then be able to bid to purchase the artwork and add to their collection.

This addition is a great example of how exciting it can be to contribute as a UX Designer on a startup team. The time between research design feedback and implementation is very rapid. Additionally novel concepts and ideas can quickly become more mainstream as you are designing for them!

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